ALEA teaches Agile and Lean from A to Z using our experienced-based courseware that combines Agile values, Lean principles and strategic practices for an improved ROI. ALEA knows that Scrum education is not enough, which is why we have structured our training courses to include Agile and Lean essentials.  ALEA courses provide insights into the techniques of Agile and Lean that will familiarize students with the effectiveness and simplicity of these practices. ALEA covers Scrum and beyond including DevOps, Kanban, Pair Programming, Automated Testing, Continuous Integration, Kaizen, and specific Lean techniques.

We offer a full suite of Agile and Lean training courses suitable for executives, senior management, project teams, program managers, project managers, key stakeholders, and customers. Also, we offer project-level, program-level, organization-level, and an enterprise-level Agile transformation guidance.  We are ready to meet your training needs by:

  • Delivering comprehensive training for Agile teams, Scrum Masters, Team Coaches, Product Owners, key stakeholders, customers, and critical support personnel
  • Creating an awareness of Agile and Lean adoption benefits
  • Teaching teams the techniques that promote self-organization and effective collaboration
  • Illuminate Agile and Lean practices and principles through real-world examples