ALEA principles form a basis of the values we hold high.  They establish everything that influences us to be the best at what we do.  They are the essentials of what we believe, how we conduct business, and why we exist.

  1. TEAMWORK — Accomplish everything through collaboration
  2. COMMUNICATION — Establish and maintain partnerships with all clients
  3. CLARITY — Agree with our mission and vision or recommend changing them
  4. SHARING — Recognize teamwork through open acknowledgement
  5. CONSISTENCY — Perform to plan and update often
  6. PREDICTABILITY — Avoid last minute surprises!
  7. CANDOR — Avoid hidden agendas
  8. REALITY — Avoid committing to something that cannot be fulfilled
  9. EFFICIENCY — Avoid wasting time
  10. ETHICS — Fulfill and honor all commitments
  11. LEARNING — Improve our training materials and delivery methods continuously
  12. IMPROVEMENT — Function as a Lean operation
  13. GROWTH — Leverage useful knowledge
  14. COMPLIANCE — Operate within our principles
  15. RELIABILITY — Trust trumps oversight, but verify nonetheless