ALEA professionals have trained thousands of software engineers, systems engineers, business analysts, database administrators (DBAs), designers, testers, project and product managers, and managers on the use of Agile and Lean practices.  We pass along to the students in our courses what we have learned from our years of experience.

ALEA courses will provide new and experienced students with a significant body of knowledge including some significantly enhanced skills to perform their important roles throughout a project’s implementation and maintenance lifecycle.

Students also will learn about the impact that Agile and Lean have on new product development, product maintenance, the values and principles that drive project management, the Scrum process framework, the philosophies of Agile and Lean, and the essential practices that exemplify the principles that deliver optimum results.

  • Appreciation for and an understanding of the simplicity of Agile, Lean, and Scrum
  • Recognizing the challenges any company faces competing with companies that already have embraced Agile and Lean
  • Understanding the value of having skilled coaching throughout project execution and maintenance, and
  • Implementing the critical steps needed during the transformation of an enterprise

ALEA’s vast experience separates our training approach from other educators by providing practical examples of proven communication and collaboration techniques including managing, monitoring, communicating, collaborating, shorter time-to-delivery, an improved ROI, increased productivity, decreased development costs, higher-quality products, decreased lifecycle costs, and enhanced relationships between business owners, operations, customers, and the development teams.  We teach concepts and practices with an emphasis practices.